Can Ticks Spread Coronavirus?

Now that coronavirus has impacted the world, we all worry a little bit more than before. Everything we do now is met with precaution. Ticks are a pest that infest wooded areas and grassy lawns year-round, especially during the summer and fall seasons. Most people know that ticks bite and can carry diseases and viruses. The most common virus a tick can transmit to a human via a bite is Lyme disease. Now, many people wonder if a tick can transmit coronavirus to them through a bite.

Ticks cannot spread coronavirus so relax, a little bit. No pest can spread coronavirus to a human, at least that’s what science tells us right now. That can all change as information advances but is highly unlikely. You should not let down your guard completely, however, since ticks still present so many other risks. And, it’s not only your family at risk, but also pets, too. Although ticks prefer humans, they’re not shy and will also feast upon a pet if they can.

Experts agree that coronavirus is not a virus that ticks can transmit. You should still arrange residential tick control griffin, however. With the help of professional tick control, you can go outside more often and without the same amount of worry you would otherwise have. Experts know how to keep ticks away from your property and take appropriate measures to safeguard your home, family, and the pets.

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Coronavirus is scary and we must do all we can to protect ourselves and loved ones from contracting the virus. This includes social distancing and wearing a mask when in public locations. And while tick control is important, it is not because they pose a risk of transmitting covid-19. Rest a little bit easier tonight with this information.